We actively manage Risk everyday…

By Preserving Profits and Limiting Losses.


Why Calyx

At Calyx, we believe there is a way to manage risk and thrive in an uncertain world. We also believe there is more to portfolio management than merely shading the classic split between stocks and bonds. Our client’s money never leaves their named accounts. Top-tier independent custodians provide independent access to our clients, offering total transparency of cash, investment positions, and transactions 24x7.

What We Do

  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Individualized client investment strategies aligned with long-term plans and preferences
  • Active In-house portfolio management  
  • Separate managed accounts at independent custodians
  • Total investment independence, no proprietary products or high-commission funds
  • Total access to those making investment decisions.

How We Do It

We start at the beginning.

Many of our clients have a specific issue or concern, others have a vague fear that they find hard to articulate. We often start with an inventory, helping our clients get assets identified and in control. It helps to know where you are before you start.

Understanding the goal is critical.

We recommend an investment strategy that suits our client’s comfort and current market conditions. Some investors have means and are happy with new ideas; others are less inclined to take chances. We help our clients find a balance between their goals and reality.

Asset mix is important.

Investing across several asset types leads to higher returns over long periods than investing in one asset type. Choosing the right assets is key. Our clients expect to be invested in a mix of asset classes, with the mix changing as economic conditions change.

Fees make a difference in the net investment return.

Paying commission loads, service charges, fund fees, and asset management fees leaves little for the investor. We are a fee-only investment advisor, paid only on the assets that we manage. We look for value in all of the investment choices that we recommend.

We believe in Active Investing.

Active investing need not be complex, nor does it mean frequent trading activity. Active investing for the long-term requires vigilance and anticipation, but it can be boring too!

Patience is truly a virtue.

We use management tools to help us to buy when prices are lower and opportunity is higher. We try to sell when prices are higher and opportunity is declining, but we know that sound investing is never greedy.

We manage risk everyday.

We monitor our client’s positions daily and adjust risk levels to reflect current market conditions. We seek to hold investments until they mature, but realize that losses must be controlled and not all investments are profitable.