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Our Clients

Our clients treat us as extended family… with expertise in financial matters. We help them solve financial challenges and care for their assets across their lifetimes and beyond. Each of our clients has a unique story, and together they illustrate the ways we can help.

For an international family with assets in Latin America, Europe and the U.S., we manage property and businesses here in the U.S. and financial assets both here and abroad. We manage family trusts, acting as trustee and coordinator of their bank and trust relationships. We advise on their investment portfolio and actively manage real estate for the benefit of three generations.



For a religious institution that is constrained by its endowment rules to use income, not capital gains, for operating expenses we identified targeted investments to increase income. We devised a high-quality portfolio that includes a liquid non-profit fund and a longer-term risk-protected higher-yield fund that provides above average market returns. 



For a retired business owner, we actively manage the family’s financial assets to support their expected lifestyle and provide funds for their philanthropic activities. We help prioritize the desire to help family, church and charities while maintaining lifestyle options and guarding against unexpected events.



For a senior executive of a major US corporation, we manage stock options, restricted shares, and ESOP shares within the constraint of corporate policies and blackout periods. We are working to diversify his risk away from his employer's share price and build a portfolio of actively managed positions in line with his family’s charitable priorities and retirement plans. 



For several professionals in the financial services industry, we manage personal investments within compliance constraints of their firms to avoid conflict of interest concerns. We have extensive compliance experience creating investment strategies that give financial professionals confidence their portfolios are actively managed but still in compliance with personal trading policies which can threaten careers.



For a business owner, we manage the assets of a company retirement and profit sharing plan.



For a faith-based foundation and seminary, we provide financial advice regarding operating budget, capital project planning, fund raising and investment management. 



For a retired high-income couple, we eased concerns about the future by providing a full review of their situation, creating a Calyx Farm statement, financial inventory, and portfolio review. We now manage their financial assets and in conjunction with their pensions create both income and growth.



For a couple who are both senior employees in a Fortune 100 company with the majority of their net worth in company stock, we created and executed a plan to diversify their wealth through a mix of retirement and personal investments. We helped to develop a plan to provide long-term oversight for their challenged adult child using trusts and guardianship. 



For a successful entrepreneur growing several small businesses, we provide a Calyx Farm statement across his personal and business interests. This integrated view of his financial assets enables investment and cash management of specific accounts with different defined purposes. 



For a young entrepreneur who was selling a start-up tech firm, we helped diversify the proceeds of his success into a mix of private and public investments, creating a legacy for his family while still encouraging his dreams of building another.