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Common Sense

The Calyx of a flower forms a protective layer around the bud, enclosing the petals until they are ready to bloom. This metaphor describes our commitment to protecting assets from risk while nurturing growth and opportunity for our clients.

Active Risk Management

Our first concern is securing and preserving the assets you have.

  • We actively manage risk each day to protect our clients, monitoring their portfolios to preserve both capital and profits while limiting losses.

  • We seek to avoid large losses, using stop/loss orders and hedging vehicles in a disciplined risk management strategy.


Selective Asset Allocation

Opportunities change over time and we look to buy when others are selling.

  • We harvest investments that have peaked and look for the next idea ahead of the crowd

  • We invest in areas where we see opportunity, but just as importantly, we abandon investments that fail to perform.

  • Calyx does not use fixed allocations, static models, or pie charts. Rather, we create unique portfolios according to each client’s goals.


Trusted and Transparent

Calyx is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with NO bank, brokerage, or fund manager affiliations of any kind. We work only for our clients.

  • Calyx is a fee only firm. This means we receive a fee based on the assets that we manage and do not participate in the layers of loads and high commissions that affiliated advisors receive.

  • Our clients use a variety of discount brokerages and custodians that give them direct access to their assets 

  • We invest right alongside our clients, using products that we buy for our own portfolios and avoiding products and commissions that disadvantage our clients.