The Creation of a firm delivering Common Sense

We couldn’t find it, so we created it for ourselves.

How Calyx came to be:

Creation of a firm delivering Common Sense Investing with fair fees.


We couldn’t find it, so we created it for ourselves.

Calyx was founded by three partners who had family money to be invested but were unable to find a fair service for a fair fee. When we looked for help, we found was an investment management industry that focused on profits rather than clients. Management firms that benefit, regardless of how their investors fare.  Each of us had been frustrated in our search for an advisor who understood the need to migrate in and out of asset classes, had processes to protect money and mitigate risk, and had reasonable, fair fees. 

Ed Condon ran trading teams at JP Morgan and Credit Suisse in Chicago and London where he gained firsthand experience of institutional markets, trading for clients on global bond, equity, and currency markets. Claudia Rodriguez managed portfolio risk and client relationships for London proprietary trading firms and New York wealth management. Branson Hamilton has been involved in private equity, multi-generational trust oversight and business investment/acquisition strategy. 

From different vantage points each saw how large firms have generated profits for themselves while delivering mixed value to their clients and almost no protection from market crashes. 

Calyx manages investments for its principals and clients by focusing on long-term protection and the growth of assets through complete market cycles. We provide financial advice on all aspects of family and endowment activities, but most importantly, we understand the biggest factor in investment success is avoiding losses.

Calyx has been serving clients for over a decade as a fee-only advisor – no loads, no hidden fees, no kickbacks. As investors we wanted the benefits of some common sense investing without the questionable practices and costly fees.  We came together to create such a firm, putting the clients first. 

God bless,

Ed, Branson & Claudia

At Calyx, we help families and foundations protect and manage their financial resources.  We are a financial advisor and investment manager that partners with our clients to administer their financial affairs with personal attention and active risk management. Calyx is also advisor to charitable trusts and endowments, working with committees of faith-based organizations to preserve their legacy while providing operating income. We are sensitive to the investment needs of these clients while working within the guidelines they have established to reflect their principles.