Branson’s visit to the Midwest

Branson's visit to the Midwest

Some views of the American Presidential Race


I had some interesting discussions in two different college towns (typically liberal) last weekend with people who lived there as well as folks from all over the country and even Europe.  I simply said that I appreciated Trump, Carson and Bernie being active in the process because they are saying things that have been un-PC and therefore have not been voiced before.  I got Universal push-back, not about Bernie, and no one seems to remember Carson, but about Trump!  

I repeated that I had not made up my mind yet but that finally some real issues other than abortion and bashing the health insurance industry were being discussed.  And more so that positions that are distinctly not politically correct that some people believe were being stated out loud.  Several said that they “hate Trump”, but with persistent questioning by me I couldn’t get an answer as to why.  Clearly they did not like his radical statements.  They thought it was irresponsible for him to say what he says.  I said that it appears that a lot of people agree with his statements.  They said that was not true.  I asked how then he was getting the votes and poll ratings even higher than Hillary and they responded that he was just a TV personality.  In any case, he generates strong emotion! 

Sounds like what I heard 25 years ago when another Hollywood actor ran for president.  What they seemed not to want to believe is that there were people out there who felt the same way as what Trump was saying, and more so that if they did feel that way that he and they shouldn’t be saying it.  I thought that I was living in Animal Farm with the thought police present.  I even tried to run the math, that if he had about 50% of the republican vote and republicans were something like one-half the population that the number of folks who were responding was quite substantial.   I heard that Republicans are a small part of the population and only a few people thought like he was saying. 

I said that if only the politically correct thoughts can be voiced, then the alternative will still exist, and it will be acted upon one way or another.  My feeling is that it is better to have discussions including the un-PC ideas than to have them be repressed to the point where they become a rebellion - - - which is the story of history.  VERY interesting and eye-opening to hear the strong denial to that idea.   They were visibly scared of anything other than the doctrine.    

I agree that regardless of the winner in November, the revolution is in progress.  This will not end in November. 


June 2016

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