Are you looking for something different from your investments?

We call it Common Sense Investing.


Who We Are

Calyx came together to manage our own capital and that of others, looking for what we call “Common Sense Investing.” Most financial advice available today is a variation of the diversified buy & hold strategy that suffered massive losses in the early 2000’s and 2008. We created an investment philosophy to protect against downturns while participating in the best of the growth areas.

Our People


Edward Condon is President and CEO of Calyx Capital Advisors and is responsible for the overall management of the firm. He is focused on risk management, trade execution, and client relationships. 


Branson Hamilton is a Managing Director of Calyx Capital Advisors, LLC where he oversees investment strategies and client portfolios.


Claudia Rodriguez is an Associate Director of Calyx Capital Advisors. She is responsible for client relationships, technology solutions, and client reporting.


Philip Clements founded Calyx Capital Advisors, LLC. in 2008 and was intimately involved in the firm until his untimely death in 2015. 

Our History

We built Calyx to manage the capital of our families. Each of us have experience in investing, both in the US and abroad, and when we came together, we were looking looked for something different.

Each of us had found the strategies at the big firms did not give us the results we expected. Fees and commissions ate up a good portion of returns and the passive hold-and-rebalance models that were recommended led to large losses in the early 2000’s and 2008 while muting gains during the following growth periods.

We saw how difficult it was to make back the money that had been lost. We looked for a simple solution... a better way to control losses, eliminate layers of fees, and implement an investment strategy that was focused on return rather than diversification. 

We created systems to monitor and manage our portfolios, controlling risk and limiting investment to those areas where there was promise. We found clients who weren’t comfortable with the “buy&hold” mantra of the financial services industry and the layers of fees. Our family of investors want confidence that they will have the means to meet their personal needs in the future.